Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome to Munterspace

Us here at munterspace corp. are dedicated to trawling the tinternet for first class munters because let's face - it's full of them. Watch this space for your favourite munter.

Here's this weeks top munter:
Yes Munter Of the Week goes to 'mind me kebab' Ms Goody herself for basically being a bad all-round munter.

Muntometer rating : 9 out of 10
(we'll let her off the final 1 seeing as she can't help the fact she was bullied at school herself and her mother is a nightmare)

More munters coming your way shortly. Write in with your suggestions for the prestigious Munter of The Year Award. Grand ceremony at the Grimsdyke Hotel Conference Suite, Pinner July 1st with great prizes - spend a day with a lookalike Munter, free breast augmentation and trout lip pout lessons, Special K pedometer and lunches by George at Asda - it's simply the best in Munterspace.