Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brand New No1 Munter (Warning: Russell Brand)

And you thought Mika-ka-ka was bad?


Congratulations Mr Russell Brand - you are this week's Top Munter!!

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PS: We over here at Munter Mansions were going to do Britters but thought she actually looks less like a munter than ever and actually quite nice bald. Get better soon Britters from all at Munterspace Inc. Oh dear - who will Paris's new gakhead friend be now? Mwah mwah.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Week's Munter (Warning: bad language alert coming up)

Shut it you munter of musical madness! Us at Munterspace Inc. strongly recommend you do not release any more singles mainly because they are crap and you look like Leif Garrett in a Leo Sayer wig. Ladies and Gentlemen - it's Mika-ka-ka - this weeks prime munter. Munter on Mika. Grace Kelly is no doubt turning in her grave!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Week's Nominee

Me! I am feeling like the munter of all munters due to belated birthday celebs last night. A heady mixture of champagne and red wine was consumed on an empty stomach. Supper consisted of a salami and tomato sandwich at 02:45 this morning when I staggered in Abfab style - smudged eye-liner and messy hair feeling rather jolly.

I have not felt as jolly all day and am getting far too old for this sort of behaviour and really should know better. I am therefore going to have to stand proud alongside the Goody's and Feltz's of this world for one week and adorn the Munter Hall of Shame.

As penance, I am currently available for special supermarket openings such as Lidl, Aldo's and Seven Eleven. Please contact my agent Mr Max Clifford for any salacious press interviews. Cheers my fellow Munts!