Thursday, May 17, 2007

Senior Munter of the Week

Ladies and Gentleman - we over here at Munterspace Inc. thought it would be rude not to give the senior munters out there a bit of an airing this week. Uber-senior Munter of the Week Award this week goes to none other than Kathy Hilton - devastated mother of LA (z)it-girls Paris and Nicky. We say devastated not because her soon to be jailbird babydoll princess is about to enter a 'special needs unit' in a state correctional centre for re-violation of an existing traffic violation but more so because yet again, Paris is stealing the limelight. Kathy always wanted to be famous and bagged her squillionaire as soon as she was out of her prom dress. She fashioned the girls into everything she wanted and apparently failed to be (according to various press reports both in UK and US). Desperate to make it as a model and actress (and not really doing very well at it) she then saw potential mileage-fame in her daughters and thought it would be a good idea to parade them aged 6 in bikini's at a 'fashion show' she was hereself strutting her stuff in.

Bad Mommy Hilton just couldn't help herself and that is why we are presenting her with the fantastic accolade of Senior Munter of the Week. Kathy has arrived! We blame the parents.

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