Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mum's Gone To...Get Some Fags

"I was smoking 20 a day before I was pregnant and I've cut down to one." Yes - now that you are 4 months pregnant Kerry. But oh no - it gets worse.

The former I'm A Celebrity TV show winner and gurning face of Iceland said she has tried to give up by using nicotine patches but it "left a mark". For f**cks sake, having a slightly red mark on your arm is surely better than forcing your unborn baby to smoke?

Chemicals in tobacco smoke can cause a whole range of problems - from there being a 26 per cent greater risk that the mother will miscarry or experience a stillbirth to the baby being born at a smaller birth weight.
Babies are more susceptible to developing chest infections and asthma, and the risk of cot death trebles with mothers who smoke in pregnancy.

Likewise, binge drinking can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause brain damage and facial deformities. Oh look, Jordan's just popped by to say hello. Anyway...La Katona was recently photographed smoking a cigarette outside a pub in Warrington, Cheshire.

At the time it was reported that she downed four Martinis and a vodka during the same night but Katona has dismissed those claims.

"It's nonsense. I did have a drink - I had two," she said.

Katona admitted she was once diagnosed as an alcoholic, she said: "I was diagnosed because I drink when I have problems. But if I go out with my mates, I'm fine." Well, the sad fact is that most people - especially alcoholics

(a) tend to admit to half of what they normally drink

(b) justify why they drink ie: when I'm with my mates I'm fine, when I'm on my own I'm a problem drinker - err - yeees.....

Katona is expecting her second baby. Her first child was born premature and underweight - probably couldn't wait to have it's first real fag or had had enough already.

Either way, pregnant ladies who smoke are all munters in my book but Kerry just happens to have made it onto this weeks Muntometer of Munts for being such a selfish stupid cow.

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